AASL is Comming!

Hey Athletes,

SunsFan3 Here with a new Soccer League the name is the AASL (Action Allstars Soccer League) i am not the owner of this league nor is dalt, or eyes. the owner of this league is Nickelodeon12! here is all you need to know about the league.

Owner of league: Nickelodeon12
Team captains of Galaxy: Coolguy174, and Nickelodeon12
Team captain of Rapids: Chaddydog17 (gaygay1403)
Team captains of Manchester United : Suns, And Dalt

If you wanna make a new team please contact the league owner Nickelodeon12 there are to ways to contact nick either comment on coolguy174 blog or email him @  nick2themax@yahoo.com or if you want to join one of these teams please contact the team owner the owners are posted on this post so what are you waiting for join this league before room runs out! AASL is comming! and boy is it gonna be huge! once again contact Nick if you wanna make a team or contact team owner if you wanna join their team

Later Athletes,


2 thoughts on “AASL is Comming!

  1. StrikeOut10 says:

    Hey Dalt and Suns can i join Manchester United? I a great goalie at me school and i have amazing goals for punts. get back to me if u think i can.

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