The ROAA! Dictionary!


Hey Athletes,

SunsFan3 & Eisner24 here with the ROAA (Reporters of Action Allstars) dictionary in ABC order by the way. Here are the following words who you might not know the meanings to. The First Edition Here we go!

1. BUFFFFFFFNNNNNNNN!- [noun] Ultimate Burn! [Bee-Fee-Un]

2.  Chef (noun) – asian [sh-e-f]

3. Flofl- (verb) Flofl is slightly better than rofl and means fighting llamas on floor laughing. [flaw-full]

4. Fries (noun) Proper name for Eisner24 [fr-y-s]

5. Just just wow (wow) The act of saying wow when someone does something stupid, often finished with a face palm. [just-just-wow]

6. LUCCCCCCNN! (verb) the act of having a great lunch! [Luh- N-ch]

7. Nuns (noun) Proper name for Sunsfan3 [n-uh-ns]

8.  Rikey (unknown) Word used by “chefs” [ry-key]

9. RODL! (Verb) Another way of saying Rofl but this means Rolling on dirt laughing. [Ro ah Dee L]

10. Salutes (meow) Often used to say hello to fellow generals in the giraffe division. [saw-lu-ts]

Later Athletes,


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