Pro Bowl this Sunday(Tommorow)

Hey Athletes,

Now that the season is over we will host the AAFL PRO BOWL

Top 8 vote recievers are as follows

  1. dalton0521(NFC)
  2. SunsFan3(NFC)
  3. Eisner24(NFC)
  4. coolguy174(Undetermined)
  5. kool98(AFC)
  6. awesome258(Undetermined)
  7. ChefBahamas(AFC)
  8. TheBenjiBang(AFC)

Reserves(if a starter cannot make it)

  1. Peter645
  2. dtatt2458
  3. Wyatt024
  4. DxBeast22


Where: Bacon Field or Babazies Turf

When: Sunday October 23, 2011 7:30 EST/4:30 PST

Cya there Athletes,


31 thoughts on “Pro Bowl this Sunday(Tommorow)

  1. Dttat2458 says:

    Woot I wish someone would can’t make it I actually got a lot more votes than I thought lol go NFC when does the playoffs start

  2. alexrocks says:

    guys it me again alexrocks am gona be in the draft next season i will play my hardest make the right pick cause i am a great quarter back me and dttat played catch on aa and i threw him beast throws yea tell em ttat

  3. Dttat2458 says:

    Yep me and rocks are beast qb’s and wr’s too bad u didn’t make a team Alex u can be on the celtics we undefeated and 3 0 an we have me Brady Wyatt and surpisingly bre so ask wyatt if u WANs be on a team

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