Its The AABL, Yesterdays HOT Team Was The Suns!!!

Outdated Photo, Haha, And Cheezy Title, Oh Well, The Following Stats Were From Yesterdays AABL Action, The First Of Which After The Lock-Out, And Of Course The Thunder Title Win. We Retired That Team, On Top And Brought  The Suns Into The Race, We Had #1,5, and 9 Picks In The AABL Draft, The Number 1 Overall Pick Went To Dalton0521, Number 5 To SunsFan3, And Number 9 To StrikeOut10, And After We Signed Nathaniel399 To A Deal, We Played Our First Game And Beat The Upstart Bulls 108-80, Hey This Looks Familiar Its Stat Time,,,,


Dalton0521- 32 Pts, 8 Blocks, 10 Rebounds, 4 Assists, 4 3PT Field Goals, 2 Dunks

Eisner24- 20 Pts, 3 Rebounds, 10 Assists, 2 3PT Field Goals, 3 Layups

National6- 12 Pts, 6 Rebounds, 3 Assists, 1 3PT Field Goal, 1 Dunk

Sorry I Didnt Do The Bulls Stats, I Am Only Doing Suns Stats, Coolguy174 (Bulls) Will Likely Do The Bulls Stats

Suns 1-0


8 thoughts on “Its The AABL, Yesterdays HOT Team Was The Suns!!!

  1. coolguy174 says:

    kool hates me now cuz i said aaba is dead and we are doing aabl, he said im being big headed, but he hasnt given me a reason how… so it’s kind of just stupid for him to say anything…

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