This Game Was Blacked Out, But The SuperStars Shined Bright

Wow, Look At That Fancy Gentleman, This Latest Game We Had Our Black Out Uniforms From The 1987 Season, Just To Say, They Were Pretty Boss, The Jets Came Into Bacon Hawk Stadium Feeling Good About Their Chances Of Post Season Glory, The Steelers And Chargers Had Already Won Heading Into This One, Making The Post Season Race Even Closer, But If The Lions Won, They Would Clinch A Playoff Spot And Would Face The #4 Team, And The Jets Started Neck And Neck With The Lions SuperSonic Offense, But Then They Started To Wane, And The Lions Didnt Miss The Open Opprotunity, Lions Won 49-42, To Clinch Their First Playoff Spot In 5 Years, Heres The Stats,


Dalton0521- 5 Catch TD, 1 Pass TD, 1 Passing INT (Not My Fault), 4 Defensive INT, 3 Sacks, 18 Tackles, 12 Catches, 3-4 Passing,

Eisner24- 5 pass TD, 1 Catch TD, 1 Passing INT, 4 Defensive INT, 18 Tackles, 3 Catches, 12-17 Passing, 1 KR TD, 1 Sack

SunsFan3- Failed Medical Staffs Concussion Test, Out Indefinitely


TheBenjiBang- 6 Passing INT, 3 Passing TD, 2 Catch TD, 5 Catches, 7-15 Passing, 17 Tackles

Wyatt024- 2 Passing INT, 3 Catch TD, 2 Passing TD, 7 Catches, 5-12 Passing, 14 Tackles

That Was Quite The Game, See The Other Three Remaining Spots, And Their Claimers, In The Playoffs


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