Lions Win again; Falcons Passed

Hey athletes! The Lions played again. The Lions (13-0) sprinted into New Orleans to take on the Saints (6-7). We were blowing them out early 287, but Sunsfan3 took over as Quarterback and threw an interception. That interception was enough to spark a hopeful comeback for the already eliminated Saints. Jok34 seemed to be the only one trying to get his team in check. When my lag ended, I came back in the game and started throwing touchdowns like it was nobodies business (okay, maybe they sacked me a few times). In the end, the Lions remained undefeated at 14-0 and the Saints fell to a season high 2 games under .500. The final score was 4228.

In other news, the Steelers (8-5)  took on the Falcons (8-5) to see who would stay in playoff position. The Steelers pummeled the Falcons 496 to move into fourth place, the final playoff spot. Can they hold it?

Both the Jets and Chargers won, so there isn’t anything to talk about (they are still tied with the record of 11-3). The Jets beat the Vikings 170 and for the first time ever, the Vikings had no first downs and no pass completions. The Vikings 0-14 record is the worst in league history.

Peace out, Go Lions


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