Jets Fly Back To New York, Crying

Hmmm, I Should Be Outta Breath, But I Didnt Try And Still Owned, We Absolutely Demolished The Jets, They Said They Were Ready, First We Talked With RefPlanet aka RefMars, Then Dog, Being The Egotisticle Jerk That He Is, Comes Boasting In Saying, The Lions Are Chicken, Well When Planet Left, We Played Them, And I Locked Dog Out Of My Turf, He Should Learn Something Once In A While, Anyways, We Owned, 49-7


Dalton0521- 2 Sack, 3 INT, 7 Catches, 23 Tackles, 1 FF, 3 Catch TD, 1 Swatted Pass,

Eisner24- 5 Pass TD, 1 Passing INT, 20 Tackles, 2 Defensive INT, 1 Swatted Pass

SunsFan3- 1 Defensive INT, 2 Catch TD, 17 Tackles, 2 Sacks, 2 Swatted Passes


Chaddydog17- 1 Tackle (The One Stat He Has This Whole Season, Pro Bowl, I Think Not)

ChefChinese- 1 Pass TD, 3 Tackles, Came Into Game In 2nd, Left In 2nd Due To Cut On The Leg, Probable For Pro Bowl , 1 Defensive INT

Bradyj07- 1 Catch Td, 17 Tackles, 2 KR (No TD), Fumble, 4-9 Passing

Wyatt024- 3-8 Passing, 4 Catches, Dropped Pass, Left In 4th Due To Broken Nail

Thats It, 15-0, 1 More Game, Then You Guys get the Season Stats


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