I Smell Victory, Smells Like Bacon

Hey All, 10-0 Thats Right, Double Digits, As The Injury Shortened Lions Beat The Falcons, 63-21, In A Blow Out, We Won By 6, Count ‘Em, 6 TD’s! Statistic Balistics


Dalton0521- Career High 46 Tackles!!! 3 Sack, 7 INT!! 5 INT Returned For TD!! 23 Catches, 3 Catch TD, 2 FF, 2 FR

Awesome258- Career High 31 Tackles!! 2 Sack, 2 INT On Defense, 3 Pass TD, 0 Passing INT, 23-36 Passing

DXBeast22- INT, 5 Catches, Left In Second With Concussion Like Symptoms


Kool98- 21 Tackles, 2 Passing TD, 1 Catch TD, 9-21 Passing,

TheBenjiBang- Ejected for Attempting To Break Awesome258 Arm, Suspention Pending, Stats Thrown Away

We Just Finished A Second Game! Thats Right! A Second Game! Lions Roll Raiders, En Route To 63-0 Win, 11-0, We Can Taste The Playoffs


Dalton0521- 35 Tackles, 5 Sacks, 4 INT, 3 FF, 2 FR, 3 INT TD, 16 Catches, 0 Passing INT, 5-5 Passing, 3 Passing TD, 1 Rushing TD (When It Was 1 On 3) 2 Catch TD

Awesome258- 3 Catch TD, 2 Pass TD, 3 INT, 5 Catches, 0 Passing INT, 2 FR,, 2 Sacks, 1 FF,


Awesome98- Played, No Stats Accumulated

Kool98- Played, No Stats Accumulated

Cannot Remember Name- 2 Tackles,

2 Very Lop-Sided Games, Good Games None The Less, Next Game, Tonight Or Tommorow



10 thoughts on “I Smell Victory, Smells Like Bacon

  1. Dttat2458 says:

    I scored a td in the game with falcons a kickoff return but y’all said no juking how stupid is that anyway i think he fakes his team stats dalt does

  2. Dttat2458 says:

    Wat ever and if u keep having this no juke rule everyone in football league knows y’all gonna go 16-0 oh yea and btw u know wat not right 46 tackles yea like everyone gonna believe U had 46 tackles tht not real even on an online game

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