Stats For Blowout In MoTown

Hello All, These Are The Stats For BlowOut In MoTown, A Game In Which The Lions Won, 77-49


Eisner24- 5 Pass TD, 3 Sacks, 2 Int, 1 FR, 18 Tackles, 8-14 Passing, 3 KR TD

Dalton0521- 5 Catch TD, 3 Sacks, 3 Int, 1 FF, 20 Tackles, 8 Catches, 2 KR TD


CoolGuy174- 1 Catch TD, 2 Catches, Left Mid Game With Apparent Abdomanal Injury, Later Came Back For Rally, 1 KR, 4 Pass TD, 8-11 Passing, 8 Tackles,

Awesome258- 2 Catch TD, 2 Catches, 4 Passing INT, 2-16 Passing, 3 Unneccessary Roughness Penalties, 7 Tackles

TheBenjiBang- 1 Catch, 5 Tackles, 0-2 Passing, 1 Passing INT, Left Game With Broken Leg, X-rays Positive, Out 4-5 Games

ChefBahamas- Ref, Good Calls On Both Sides

Thats The Game Wrap Up


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