Stat Time For Frozen Tundra @ Bacon Field

Hey All, Its Stat Time From Our Last Game, VS The Panthers, In Which We Won  42-35   Heres Our Stats


Dalton0521- 9 Catch TD, 15 Catches, 6 Int, 4 Sacks, Shared Block (Eyes), 1 FF, 1 FR, 2 KR TD, 19 Tackles, 3 Tackles For Loss, 2 Big Hits

Eisner24-, 5 Pass TD, 2 Passing INT, 3 Defensive INT, 1 Sack, Shared Block (Dalt), 1 FR, 2 KR TD, 19 Tackles, 1 Tackle For Loss, 1 Rush, 12-19 Passing

Suns- Ejected In 3rd For Fighting , 4 Pass TD, 1 Passing INT, 1 Defensive INT, 5 Tackles, 3-6 Passing


Coolguy174-Ejected In 3rd For Fighting, 3 Pass TD, 3 Pass INT, 1 Defensive INT, 7 Tackles, 9-13 Passing

TheBenjiBang- 1 Catch TD, 2 Catches, 9 Tackles, Fumble, 4-15 Passing

Peter645- Ejected In 3rd For Fighting, 5 Tackles, 5 Rushes, 2 Rush TD, 4 Tackles, 1 Defensive INT

Clayton1 (Smooth) – 2 Defensive INT, 2 Passing INT, 4 Catches, 2 Catch TD, 1 Rush For Negative Yards, 1 KR TD, 3-5 Passing,

Great Game Guys


17 thoughts on “Stat Time For Frozen Tundra @ Bacon Field

  1. TheBenjiBang says:

    i have left the football busniess and go on to the hockey league. ps THE VIKINGS WILL NEVER WIN WITHOUT ME OR SCORE CUZ I WAS THERE BEST PLAYER!

  2. alexrocks says:

    i am now a free agent so plz sign me and iff u do i will get someone to give u a thousand points for action all stars but u gotta be a good team or have atleast one good player i should be a wide receiver or tight end

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