Lions Win Again, Stats, And Looking At Free Agency

Howdy Peoples That Follow This Blog, The Lions Won, Again, We Beat The Jets 56-21,,, I Would Tell You How Close It Felt, But It Really Didn’t STATIC TIME


Dalton0521- 5 Sacks, 28 Tackles, 9 Catches, 3 Catch TD, 4 INT, 2 FF, 1 FR, 2 Pass TD, 2-2 Passing, 0 Passing INT

SunsFan3- 1 Passing INT, 9-14 Passing, 1 Sack, 2 INT, 1 FR, 3 Pass TD, 25 Tackles, 1 Tackle For Loss


DXBeast22- Played And Accumulated No Stats

Awesome258- 4 Passing INT, 3 Catches, 1 Catch TD, 2 Passing TD, 14 Tackles,

Jok34- 2 Passing INT, 3 Passing TD, 3 Catches, 2 Catch TD, 11 Tackles

This Game Makes The Lions 5-0, Leading The AAFL By 2 Games Over The Jets,,

Lets Take A Quick Look At The Free Agent Pool, OOOOOOOOOOHHHH! That Pool Is Very Shallow,,, The One Free Agent That Comes To Eyes First Is Coolguy174, Former First Overall Pick Of The Panthers, And Who Almost lead Team To A Rally Over The Lions,

Cheers Mates


20 thoughts on “Lions Win Again, Stats, And Looking At Free Agency

  1. alexrocks says:

    yo guys it is rocks here i just made a new team iff u are interested tryouts areon friday at 9:00 the place is at the football feild i made the team up the team name is eagles we gona beat the lions ik u guys want your vengence ik it is sad but thats why i made this team

      • dttat2458 says:

        i can be qb i am great at it qb or wr i can be i want to be on a team plz i dont want to be for the panthers i am a free agent now some team sign me plz i want to play i played vs vikings and got 23 carries 310 yards and 4 rushing td’s 1 passing and 1 int so i am fantastic

  2. dttat2458 says:

    hey i am the new qb for the panthers me and cool guy hav agreed on it so tell the world i am new qb for panthers and alexrocks u are signed wit us

  3. dttat2458 says:

    so dalt plz post on here aka reporters of action allstars that i want to be on a team and i am a free agent and want to be picked up hopefully the lions i doubt it thought anyway any team looking at this dttat2458 and coolguy174 iz a great pair of players so SIGN ME PLZ

  4. dttat2458 says:

    yes u aren’t on the panthers no more so i talked to the team and i am qb alright mind ur own buiness ok lame guy dang

  5. Dttat2458 says:

    Oh yea awesome scored 2 td and jok scored 3 and tht makes 21 points wow dalt u got write things right
    Sorry 3 from awesome and 3 from jok

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