Caution! Be Advised To Laugh At Next “Athlete”


The Following Character Is Known To Have Created All The Chaos In The World. War, Crime, Pollution, Hybrids, Justin Beiber, And Skinny Jeans. These Were All Caused By What The Mountaneers At AAS Call,,, Chefasaurus- Rex,,,,

Dr. Suess Even Named A Song After Him,,, If I May *Ahem*

Your A Nasty One, Chefasaurus

Your A Loud One, Chefasaurus

Your Eyes Are Oddly Spaced And Your Shoes Are Wierdly Laced, Chefa-saur-us!

Thank You *Bows* As You Can See, This Problem Is Serious,,,, And If He Doesnt Get BUFNNNNNN! By Fifteen People Tommorow, He Might Become Even Stronger,, So Please, Give ChefBahamas A Good Ol’ BUFNNNNNN! And You Will Get A Secret Prize, Thank You


11 thoughts on “Caution! Be Advised To Laugh At Next “Athlete”

  1. coolguy174 says:

    -This is a former yo mama joke-

    Chef you so dumb that you brought a giant spoon to the super bowl!

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