AAFL is born!

Hey Athletes,

SunsFan3 here with some news about a new league that me (suns), Dalt, and eyes have just created and founded the League is the AAFL (Action Allstars Football League). Anyways my team is the Detroit Lions we are the awesome we have already have so many spots filled in. I am going to tell you the roster as of today. The roster is listed down below check it out!
Offense                                                            Defense    
QB-SunsFan3                                                             DT-Brett297, Eisner24
RB-Eisner24                                                               LB-Arod18826,Snow10
WR-Dalton0521,Kyle18                                           CB-Reyes7799, SunsFan3
TE-Snow10                                                                  S-Dalton0521
2 Offensive Linemen-Arod18826,Maghak3,

(Key:? means that you can tryout for that spot)

So if you think you got what it takes to make it on our team come ask me (Suns), Eyes, And or dalt. Tryouts will be named in a later post. we do need some bench players so maybe if an athlete doesnt show up they can fill in. Thats all for now.

Here are the rules of the AAFL this is a non pay league second rule is that if you jump and say inte that counts as an interception last rule tack is counted as a tackle and no wetting your pants eyes!

Cya Athletes,


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