GTT ROAA Winnaz!!!!!!!!exclamation!

Hey You Peoples, This Is The Time For The Winners Of GTT ROAA! The Winner Is- Opens Envelope- melkobe24, Who Wins 1000 Shiners, The Questions Were

1)  Where Were The Hawks Before Atlanta?

2) Name ALL Of Dalt’s Favorite Teams (NBA,MLB,NHL,MLS,NFL) Hint- 2 On NFL & MLB

3) What Team Has Its Best Start In 55 Years?

4) What NHL Teams Started 0-3?


1- St. Louis, Also Excepted- Tri-State Black Hawks, Buffalo Bisons, Milwaukee Hawks

2- NBA- Thunder   MLB- Giants & Royals       NFL- Ravens & Lions       NHL- Ottowa Senators MLS- New York Red Bulls

3) The Lions Have Their Best Start In 55 Years

4) 3 Teams Started 0-3, Carolina Hurricanes (Duper Dorry Biscuit) Tampa Bay Lightening, And The Colombus Blue Jackets

Good Job Melkobe24,,, Others Are Also Valued For Trying Hard,,, So Consolation Prize TO! TheBenjiBang With One Correct Answer Of #3 The Lions! Good Job, You Get 400 Shiners!

Now A Word From My Sponsor,,,,, Pink Name Tags,,, Bringing The Best In Name Tags


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