Can you spot the difference winnas!

Hola Athletes,

SunsFan3 here with some winnas and losers. For can you spot the difference? well for those who didn’t know the answer it was there is no NBA Logo on one picture. Well that one was pretty easy but here it comes the moment of truth the 3 lucky winners listed down below.

1. Ben427 with his fifty fity vision wins himself 600 tokens as well as 3 T.Vs
2. Sal7617 with his fast commenting skills wins himself 400 tokens as well as 2 T.vs
3. Maghak3 gets the bronze and gets himself a well deserved 200 tokens and 1 T.v

Congrats to all those winnas if you wanna be a winner subscribe to our blog so you can be one of the first people to get our newest post as well as contests 

P.s More games to come!

Cya Athletes,


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