First ever MLB Unscramble Winnas!



Hola Athletes,

Jok here with the winners of the first ever Unscramble Game.

So many people tried hard to get those answers only 5 will take home the tokens!

Winners Circle

You wish you was one of them!

Our Winners are as follows:

  1. Eisner24– Winning a hefty 1000 tokens and 5 Televisions(Maybe to watch the Diamondbacks next year.) for his turf! Nice Job eyes!
  2. kool98- A close second coming up with 800 tokens and 4 T.V.’s
  3. sal7617– Bronze goes to this unscrambler winning 600 tokens and 3 T.V’s
  4. landen1998- A close follower is this guy winning 400 tokens and 2 T.V’s
  5. Sporty1chic– Also last but not least is sporty who worked real hard to get these answers winning 200 tokens and 1 T.V

Good work guys cya next time for another unscramble.


P.S. get ready for a Caption That on FRIDAY!


Stay Living,

8 thoughts on “First ever MLB Unscramble Winnas!

  1. Jermichael890 says:

    can i join your blog? I feel i could contribute a lot! I am an allstar and have a lot of experience on action allstars. let me know by email if i can join your blog

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