AABL Lockout Is Over!

Hey Athletes,
I have exciting news the AABL lockout is over the players and owners agreed on a deal and the AABL season is back on track the team thunder has been practicing and we are so pumped up and ready for any new challengers comment if you have a team ready five players is a team btw okay so the Dream team
has been reborn and we are back and better then ever and once again we begin our quest for that AABL championship our first one is proudly displayed at
Dalton0521 turf!The team is Dalton0521(power forward) SunsFan3 (Center) Eisner24 (Point Guard) Jok34 (shooting guard) we also need a fifth player as well as some bench players so if you have awesome typing and clicking skills come find dalt, suns, eyes, and or jok and ask if you can join the thunder team.
anyways this also means all those other basketball teams are in a panic! cough atlanta bobcats anyways i am going to go practice some more with the team Adios Amigos

Cya Athletes,
P.s. note from Eisner24 teehee

We also accept water boys!


7 thoughts on “AABL Lockout Is Over!

  1. coolguy174 says:

    I’ll try-out I guess, even if I do make it (which chances that aren’t high) I will probably be on the bench… but hey I’d be on the team,

  2. alexrocks says:

    i am ready me and the bulls it is starting me alexrocks,coolgirl1235,benjbang,bullsman,kbbryant24the bench is heatlebron,dwade5,ax123579 and thats it we are ready we have been practicing there will be no fighting or else we will quit all of us out and more lock out

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