Suns Post Again!

Hey Athletes,

Okay soo 3 things i would like to say i read some of the comments okay and i agree with one another is just plain dumb and another is random and pretty lame

Okay Soo Jok34 said stop drinking that haterade which i agree and coolguy174 said that in the last post i said he bullied me coolguy174 have i ever accused you of

bullying look at the post it never says coolguy174 is a bully i am just saying to stop calling me one because that is a lie now you have to ask your self coolguy174

do you even know what that last post says i think not and again get your facts straight i will say it again facts! and  another one that is pretty lame is chaddydog17 said which ever person lets me on their blog staff i will

defend wow dog that is pretty lame and cool let him join his blog so i think that tells you who is right alrighty that wraps up another suns just owned cool blog post

Cya Athletes stop drinking that haterade,


7 thoughts on “Suns Post Again!

  1. coolguy174 says:

    I didnt let him join my blog cuz of that,,, i let him join cuz my writers arent writing much and I need new contests and games. so yeah.

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