Reporters Of Action Allstars Milestone!

Hola Athletes,

Alright i am proud to inform you that Reporters Of Action Allstars has hit 1,000 comments i am a little late because we have 1,061 comments but Still!

thank you to all those people who have supported Chef,Justin,Ryan, and I (Suns) to reach 1,000 comments this is a huge milestone in our blog i would like to

thank everyone who comments and is a frequent reader of our blog This is truely an amazing thing to hit 1,000 comments and to think i never really thought

this blog would become huge but thanks to Chef aka a tech genuis and ryan and justin for posting as well we have hit it thank you everyone we truely apperciate

all of your fans including the haters who all post comments  because haters make us famous anways thank you to everyone this is awesome Thank you all you amazing

fans and yeah their will be more post to come!

Later Athletes,


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