Finally Suns Posts!!

Hey Atheletes,

Hello athletes I Know i have not posted alot but hey i am post now

Soo i doing a random contest the athlete with the most interesting comment gets

800 tokens the topic is what are you doing this labor day weekened alright the contest

begans now start those keyboards Gooo!

Cya Athletes,


12 thoughts on “Finally Suns Posts!!

  1. coolguy174 says:

    Denim, graphic tees, leggings, and tunics, denim, backpack, hair gel, shoes, denim, shaun white hoodies and denim! How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Well idk…

  2. coolguy174 says:

    hmmm, Labor Day, what a day of Labor, and it is a day i’ll tell you that, Ok so now that i’m done i was promised a juice box…

  3. Soccerfan52 says:

    i’m not diong anything this weekend im just going to my best friends house gonna chill nd going swimming,,nd i have a softball game on sunday and a soccer game today

    Hope i WIn 😆
    Alyssa__Ortiz AKA_soccerfan52

  4. Luckyman101 says:

    Yayy suns, its been almost a month since you’ve posted, did you know that Rex Ryan’s brother is now on the Cowboys? When I drove to a store once to get my Ipod checked up on I was told that my Ipod can hold up to 10,000 songs, but when I looked on the back of my Ipod it only said 8 Giga bites. Chuck Norris’s tears are the cure to cancer, too bad he never cries.


    hope that was interesting enough for you suns!!


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