Reporters of Action Allstars SPOTLIGHT!

Hey ReporterBahamas here!


Well here is one of our First Spotlights,,,,, Jalentheking!

Where are you from?


How long have you been on Action Allstars?


How long did it take you to reach Allstar?

A month!

Favorite Sports to play?

Baskeball, Baseball, Football, Hockey, and Dodgeball!

Favorite Sports to watch?

NBA, and NFL!

Favorite Food(s)?

Egg Rolls?!!?!? (Say what! 😉 )

What has been your favorite Action AllStars moment?

Getting MVP and this spotlight edition on Reporters of Action Allstars 🙂

What’s your biggest Action AllStars goal?

To be the REAL Action Allstars Spotlight and win Tournaments!

What’s your favorite thing to do at Action AllStars?

Moon Walk, Shuffle, and play Basketball!

What’s your favorite NBA team?


What’s your favorite MLB team?

White Sox AND Cubs!

Who are your favorite refs?

RefDub, RefRumble, and RefShades!

What’s your favorite Action AllStars game?


What’s your favorite Ref mini-game?

GTT (Guess the Team!)

Hobbies outside of Action AllStars?

BREAK DANCIN’, and Basketball!

Where does your name come from?

NBA Player!

Anything you’d like to add?

Go on Jalentheking’s Blog!

Got what it takes to be Spotlight?

Cya *Jocks*


14 thoughts on “Reporters of Action Allstars SPOTLIGHT!

  1. jalentheking says:

    2 years, sorry. I made an actionallstars account long time ago in like 2007 where i made a account named kingjames27. It was very confusing for me because I didnt have anything to do. So i just never went on it. Then on 2009, I was really bored and had nothing to do. So I was looking for action allstars on my computer and finally found it. And then I made a new account named Jalentheking. And he became popular! 😉

  2. dalton0521 says:

    cough no one cares king, this was just a lame advertisement for ur also lame blog, and u wont get aas spotlight ill bet anything

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