Guest Blogger!!!

Hello Athletes It Is SunsFan3 Here And This Is Dalton0521 Guest Blog

Hey all you athletes it seems i am the new guest blogger so, ill talk about stuff in action allstars!
well to start off the stadium is opening for, u guessed it,OPENING DAY!           As many of u know i hang out at trivia, alot! shucks i live there
My favorite sports teams are the San Francisco Giants,the oklahoma city thunder,and the baltimore ravens, favorite players?MLB are Evan Longoria,Carl Crawford,and Brian “Fear The Beard” Wilson
NBA are Kevin Durant,Blake Griffin, and Tim Duncan
NFL are Andre Johnson,Peyton Manning, and Ray Lewis
and for chuckles MLS are Landon Donovan,Thiery Henry and Tim Thomas
OH cant forget NHL, Sidney Crosby,Ryan Miller,and Vincent LeCavalier
I like football,baseball,and sumo wrestling,,,,,,,,,,,,,jk am not fat i do like a good cake though
I am pretty funny once ya get to know me,( am a legend at caption that)
Favorite shows are:i love south park “RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!”-CARTMAN : )       i also like family guy and to round it off sportcenter is pretty good too
Well am outta words except maybe C-low greens latest hit forget you, nah u can find me at trivia and maybe ill sing that or pretty girl rock      DONT HATE ME CUZ I’M BEAUTIFUL!
hope i dont get sued by  her    ; )
Ok this is too much for suns too type so

Later skaters,


If You Want To Be The Next Guest Blogger Ask Me Or Chef

(If He Comes Back) And We Will Decide Who Will Be The Next Guest Blogger

Thats All For Now Stay Safe Athletes


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