How to play Sports Bingo!

 Hey Chef Bahamas here!

Are you confused on how to play Sports Bingo!?

How to enter what you want in each box:

I put numbers there for a reason so I know which one you pick!

An example how you chose what you want in each square is up above!

So, if you want Number 1 Lakers logo, you would comment below like this

1. Lakers logo

………. And so on

Here are your selections if you missed them!

Good luck athletes!

You need your picks in by,

1:00 PST, February 5, 2011

(If I do not get the winner(s) posted by that deadline I will try to post it ASAP!)


4 thoughts on “How to play Sports Bingo!

  1. orangeblob says:

    2:football player,
    3:football field,
    4:packers logo,
    5:steelers logo,
    6:steelers helmet.
    7:packers helmet,
    8: basketball,
    9:baseball bat,
    10:bulls logo,
    12:basketball player,
    13:baseball field,
    14: soccerball,
    15:heat logo,
    16:suns logo,
    17:soccer player,
    18:celtics logo,
    19:baseball player,
    20: lakers logo,
    21:clippers logo,
    22: basketball court,
    23: spurs logo,
    24:soccer field

  2. pirateparty28 says:

    7.steelers logo
    9.steelers helmet
    10.packers logo
    11.packers helmet field feild
    14.basketabll field field player player
    18.foorball player
    basketballplayer 19.
    22.basektball ball

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