More about NBA Crew!

 Hey Reporter Bahamas here!

Here is a little reminder of the leaders!

There are different “departments” of leaders!

Like the helping out in mission Leaders!

“What do you do in NBA Crew?” Orangeblob exclaimed!

Well what we do in the NBA Crew is we help others in mission and Secret Sam Items!

(I think the Secret Sam Item comes out Jan. 26 not sure!)

We also help showing new athletes around!


Remember all you need is NBA Gear!

The meetings and where they will be will be figured out soon! Getting the NBA Crew back! Hehe Reincarnation(Re Birth)

Cya athletes! IF you wanna join please find Ryan0110, Hayden5995, or me (ChefBahamas) round on Sports Fan Server!

SunsFan3 go to this link for Mozila Firefox, it’s safe!


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