Guess The Pro Athlete Winnas

The Athlete Was None Other Than

Eli Manning

The Winner Is …………….. Jacob4365

Congrats Man No Token Today But As Chef Always Says Pratice Makes Perfect


P.s I Might Quit Action Allstars But I Also Might Be On Rarely Idk Yet Because My Parents Wont Let Me Download FireFox


That Is All For Now Stay Safe Athletes

5 thoughts on “Guess The Pro Athlete Winnas

    • reportersofactionallstars says:

      Tell That To My Bro He Wont Let Me He Tell Me Since We Have Cox We Cant Download Firefox Because We Have Too Pay 10 Dollars He Doesnt Like The Site He Thinks It Is A Waste Of Time
      Ugh He Is Annoying My Sis Too If They Dont Like It I Cant Have It Gosh It Is So Unfair

      P.s I Might Quit Idk Yet


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