Luckyman101 Turf!

 Hey athletes Reporter Bahamas here!

This athlete has been helping Suns and me out! So for helping us out we help him out by putting his turf on this blog! I know right AMAZING! Here’s the outstanding unbelievable turf!

Yet again another popular turf! So, I had to rip it out of the a magazine then glueing it on a white piece of paper!

Right such a great turf that your speechless!

6 thoughts on “Luckyman101 Turf!

  1. orangeblob says:

    i just figured out that it wasnt in a magazine,,,,,, u just “cut” part of it out with the computer scissor thing, and added a white backround, i cant beleive i didnt notice earlier!, but still, awesome turf lucky!

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