Bracket Battle Results So Far!

Hey athletes, here are the Bracket Battle picks for round 2! Just a little reminder 🙂

These are the teams that are in First Place!

Team Atomic Scorpion (RefDub and RefFlag)

Team Tsunami (RefComet and RefZeke)

Team Thunderball (RefDiddy and RefRex)




2 thoughts on “Bracket Battle Results So Far!

  1. Luckyman101 says:

    INTERVIEW TIME!!!!!! Hey athletes it’s me Lucky with a RefFlag interview!! Here it is athletes……..

    Me (Luckyman101): What is your favorite thing to do on ActionAllstars?

    RefFlag: Say random things to make athletes laugh!

    Me: Haha, favorite Action allstars game?

    RefFlag: The football game!

    Me: How does it feel to be a ref?

    RefFlag: I am honored and it’s really fun!

    Me: Favorite pro athlete?

    RefFlag: Desean Jackson all the way! (For now)

    Me: Anything YOU would like to add?

    RefFlag: WOOT WOOT! And it’s great to come here everyday and hang out with people and talk about sports, fun stuff and jokes and if it wasn’t for all you athletes it would not be fun!

    Me: Thanks, Flagster!

    That’s all athletes! Keep skating!

    (LUCKY signature here)

    This is too ChefBahamas or SunsFan3!

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