Tomrrow Is The NFl Playoffs Who Is Watching I Know I Am So Comment If You Are Watching And What Team You Want To Win

Thats All For Now Stay Safe Athletes


10 thoughts on “NFL

    • Luckyman101 says:

      Here is my interview so here is……

      Hey athletes! It’s yours truly Luckyman101! You all might know me from the blog or just see me at Joe Bose park, but thats not all i do (all day) I have to go to school (Got one B+ last semester!) and I also play lots of sports like Football, Baseball, Basketball, Swimming, Track, Basketball, Lacrosse and FINALLY hockey! I love to play hockey the most! My 2 favorite NHL teams would probably be the Capitals and the Islanders (When the islanders WIN!) But i want to know what your favorite hockey or well ANY sports teams you like the MOST! (Comment below) Well thats pretty much what i like to do in my spare time play sports and OH I ALMOST FORGOT, talk to Refs and friends on Action allstars!

      Well thats all guys! Keep skating athletes! Thanks Reporters! 😛

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